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Death metal star on Norwegian tailfin?


Will Norwegian honour its pledge to let the public decide?

A murdered black metal star is leading a poll launched by low-cost airline Norwegian to decide which of Norway’s heroes should be painted onto the tailfin of one of the airline’s planes. The musician, Øystein Aarseth, formerly the lauded guitarist with the black metal band Mayhem, is leading the vote ahead of the suggestions put forward by the airline’s own committee, including an ex-prime minister, Einar Gerhardsen, marathon runner Grete Waitz and actress Wenche Foss. The poll is due to close today.
Norwegian has launched the campaign to celebrate its first ten years in the air. To qualify, the hero or heroine must have come from the Oslo region, excelled in their respective fields and inspired others. Aarseth – also known as Euronymous – died in 1993 at the age of 25, after being stabbed 23 times by bandmate Varg Vikernes.
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[pictured: Boeing 737 MAX8 in Norwegian livery; courtesy Norwegian]


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