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Danish quality chocolate for Copenhagen travellers


Good news to all chocolate lovers: Danish chocolatier Peter Beier is opening a new, exclusive shop at Copenhagen Airport.

Based on an ambition of owning the entire value chain from the cocoa plantation to his own shops, Peter Beier provides high quality and dedication in his products, appealing to fastidious, discriminating chocolate aficionados, both Denmark and abroad.

The new Peter Beier Chocolate shop in Copenhagen Airport’s Terminal 2 will open in November 2012.

Great location
The 22.7 million travellers who travel through Copenhagen Airport each year will have an attractive and exclusive shop that follows the Peter Beier Chocolate concept seen in all the company’s 13 shops in Denmark and Sweden.

“Copenhagen Airport is the very best location in Denmark if you want international exposure. We see it as a unique opportunity to brand and sell our chocolate to the airport’s international clientele, and we look forward to becoming part of the very special DNA that characterises Copenhagen Airport,” said Peter Beier, founder and CEO of the company.

A unique Danish brand
What makes Peter Beier Chocolate unique is that Peter Beier is the only player in the industry who owns the entire value chain from the cocoa plantation to his own shops, and who only sells own products. This ensures sustainable production and a quality that shows a dedication that is valued by many consumers today.

“In 2011, Copenhagen Airport won the “Europe’s Best Shopping Experience” award for the third consecutive year, and the new Peter Beier Chocolate shop is a good example of how we look to passenger wishes and needs when we introduce new brands and concepts at our shopping centre,” said Carsten Nørland, VP, Sales and Marketing for Copenhagen Airports, and he adds:

“Our aim is to create the right mix of strong international brands and so-called ‘local heroes’ – established Danish brands offering travellers a bite of Denmark to take with them as they travel on. With Peter Beier, we will be introducing a unique concept in line with our strategy of offering travellers extraordinary shopping experiences and value for money in all price ranges.”


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