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Danish hotel offers anti-seagull earplugs


Jutland city and its hotels are plagued by seagulls
A horde of cawing seagulls has descended on central Horsens in east Jutland. A local hotel, Teaterhotellet, is providing earplugs to its guests against the feathery menace.
This time last year, the city of Aarhus was plagued by a seagull problem, letting loose hunters with airguns to try to deal with the problem.
“Horsens mid-town is unfortunately plagued by seagulls these days and they can be quite noisy,” a note in the hotel’s rooms says. “So here are some earplugs. We hope you have a comfortable night.”
Hotel manager Frank Panduro accuses the local municipality for not dealing with the problem. The gulls are not so bad at the moment, he says, but in the summertime breeding season the noise can reach fever pitch.
“There is no mini-bar, but there are ear plugs,” he said. “Perhaps that’s why we are the highest-ranked hotel in Horsens. We don’t have a swimming pool or a fitness centre, but we have earplugs.”
Metroxpress / Copenhagen Post


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