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Danes cause massive fire in Italy


Blaze erupts at Prà delle Torri resort near Venice
A Danish family burning candles allegedly caused a massive fire that destroyed the holidays of more than 2,000 campers, it is being reported. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the blaze.
The fire erupted at the Prà delle Torri resort in Caorle, near Venice, early on Monday morning. Strong winds fuelled the flames, which tore through an area filled with holiday homes.
“The flames spread really quickly. We weren’t able to do anything and have lost everything,” one of the guests told the Italian site Venezia Today. “We ran as soon as we saw the flames just a few metres away from us.”
Campers were evacuated and around 40 families saw their mobile homes go up in flames. Wooden holiday homes were also reduced to ash.
“It looked like it had been bombed,” another guest said.
Apparently, according to Italian media, the fire was caused by a 55-year-old Danish man who left candles burning as he and his family went to bed on Sunday night.
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