Home News Dane spends €3,920 on taxi trip to Rome

Dane spends €3,920 on taxi trip to Rome


Danish man spends DKK 29,226 on taxi from Odense

The urge to see Rome was so strong for one Danish man that he spent DKK 29,226 (€3,920) on a taxi ride there. He hailed a cab in Odense one night and asked the driver take him to a particular church in the Italian capital.

The 1,800-kilometre journey across Europe reached Italy via Germany and Austria and took three days.

Taxi driver Martin Langstred told the Metroxpress newspaper that the customer got in his car at around 01:00 on a Wednesday and asked to be taken to Rome.

“At first I thought he wanted to be driven to the airport – but no, he wanted to take a taxi all the way there,” he said. “There was this church that he wanted to see in Rome. It was a dream of his.”

Langstred couldn’t recall the passenger’s name but had the almost DKK 30,000 receipt to prove it. He said he didn’t sleep during the journey but stayed one night in Italy.

“After that I went home and took the next three to four days off. I earned almost a month’s salary on the trip,” he said.

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