Home News Dane fined €600 for cigarette error on beach

Dane fined €600 for cigarette error on beach


Danish tourist stubs out cigarette on sand in Italy

Authorities on the Italian island of Sardinia have become militant in their checks on the cleanliness of beaches. A Danish tourist was fined €600 (DKK 4,475) for stubbing out her cigarette on a beach in Alghero, in the northwestern part of the island.

A local policeman caught the Danish woman in the act. Cigarette butts are considered to be among the worst pollutants for a pristine coastline like Sardinia’s as they can take around 200 years to decompose.

The tourist initially protested, saying she would take the cigarette butt away and dispose of it later, but it was not enough to save her.

The Local / Rai News

[pictured: Beach at Alghero, Sardinia; photo by jimmyroq, Creative Commons license]


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