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Cruising for non-cruisers


Imagine zipping past majestic icebergs in a Zodiac, exploring hidden sea caves, having up-close encounters with curious king penguins in their natural habitat.

Then, after an adventure-packed day, imagine returning to your intimate luxury ship, where your personal butler awaits you with a complimentary glass of champagne to be enjoyed on your private teak veranda. This is what a day on a Silversea Expeditions cruise is like. This is not your average cruise where you have to rub elbows with hordes of tourists from other ships. This is what the website avidcruiser.com has called “cruising for non-cruisers”.

On Silversea Expeditions, itineraries are tentative and subject to change if a site proves to be particularly interesting or weather conditions change. Unexpected thrills, such as an improvised visit to a local school, are a frequent occurrence.

Silversea’s expedition cruises are lead by a team of experts and scholars who enhance the experience by sharing their insights on the local culture, history, nature and wildlife in an enlightening and entertaining fashion. From the glaciers of Greenland to the volcanic islands of Japan, Silversea’s small and intimate expedition ships cover often inaccessible places on many of the world’s continents and reach destinations rarely visited by cruise ships.

New Galápagos Cruise and Land packages unveiled

Silver Galapagos, the newest ship in the Silversea Expedition fleet, will make its maiden voyage in late September. The ship will follow two 7-day itineraries throughout the rarely visited islands where Darwin developed his theory of evolution. The cruise line has recently launched three packages giving guests the opportunity to combine their Galápagos adventure with other South American must-see attractions like Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon jungle. The Cruise and Land packages are perfect for the time-pressed luxury traveler who wants to experience the very best of South America in one trip.

8-Day Machu Picchu & Galápagos Package

With this package, guests can check three impressive sights off the South America bucket list. The adventure begins in Ecuador’s lovely colonial capital, Quito. Guests will fly to Baltra, Galapagos to will embark Silver Galapagos, the luxurious base for their 3/4-day cruise around the stunning Galápagos Islands. The journey ends in Peru, where guests will spend three days exploring the hidden valley of the Incas and magical Machu Picchu.
— Prices start at USD 6,713

10-Day Puno, Lake Titicaca & Galápagos Package

This pre-cruise takes adventurers to Lake Titicaca in Peru, the world’s highest navigable lake and home to extraordinary indigenous populations such as the Uros, who live on floating islands made from totora reeds. After four days at Lake Titicaca, guests continue onwards to an unforgettable 4-day cruise in Galapagos. Final stop on this expedition is Quito, where guests will have a chance to unwind and take in the charming cobblestone streets of this UNESCO World Heritage city.
— This 10-day package starts at USD 7,503.

11-Day Amazon Explorer & Galápagos Package

This 11-day expedition begins with two days in Quito after which guests will fly to Baltra, Galápagos to  embark the elegant Silver Galapagos on a 3-day exploration of the unique flora and fauna of the stunning Galápagos Islands. Post-cruise, guests head to the Peruvian jungle for a luxurious river cruise on the Amazon with the opportunity to spot anacondas, monkeys and jaguars as well as rare birds, butterflies and insects.
— This package is priced from USD 9,513.

For more information about the Galápagos Cruise and Land packages, visit http://www.silversea.com/expeditions/silver-galapagos/land-adventures/
The Zodiac: An icon of Silversea Expeditions

The inflatable Zodiac military boats play an essential role on all Silversea Expeditions cruises. The fast and extremely stable Zodiacs make it possible to explore narrow passageways, hidden sea caves and islands which are otherwise inaccessible to cruise ships. The boats are safe and secure and Zodiac drivers are highly trained and prepared for any unexpected conditions on the water.

On Zodiac excursions there are two ways of landing – wet or dry. A wet landing does not mean you will get soaked, but you should wear rubber boots as your feet will certainly get wet otherwise.  This is far from the usual gangway landing; this is the beginning of a true expedition.


Meet the Expedition Team
Name: Robin West
Position: Expedition Leader on Silver Explorer
Nationality: South African (but lives in Holland)

Background: Robin began his career as a Zodiac driver and since moved up in the ranks, first as Staff Assistant then as Expedition Leader on voyages across Antarctica, the South Pacific, Indonesia, Australia, the Indian Ocean, the British Isles and Japan. He is the most comfortable when surrounded by water and nature and exploring the far reaches of the globe.

Future plans: This summer, Robin is touring Northern Europe on Silver Explorer, reaching as far north as the fascinating Norwegian island Svalbard on the Longyearbyen – Reykjavik cruise. In the autumn, he is heading towards the warmer waters of the Carribbean and Central America, stopping in on the white sandy beaches of Saba Island, as well as many other unexplored shores.


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