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Cruise targets 38mn passengers in 2027


10-year target far higher than today’s 25.2mn
Ten years from now, the worldwide cruise industry expects global capacity of 38 million passengers, significantly up from today’s estimated 25.2 million passengers.
This target for 2027 is based on existing new-build orders and known ship deployments and withdrawals, according to the independently compiled 2017-18 Cruise Industry News Annual Report.
This year’s fleet of 365 oceangoing ships can carry more than 25 million passengers, but this is projected to grow to 434 ships and 38.1 million passengers on a double occupancy basis in 2027.
The average annual capacity growth rate will be around 5% per year, the biggest year being 2020 with 2.1 million more passengers (7.5%) over 2019.
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