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Cruise ship crew killed in lifeboat fall


Falling lifeboat on Thomson Majesty kills five crew

A tragic accident during a routine emergency drill has left five crew members dead aboard the Thomson Majesty. Three others were injured when a lifeboat dropped 30 metres into the water before capsizing. It is believed that one of the cables holding it snapped.
The cruise ship, built in 1992, was docked in La Palma. Many of the 1400 people on board at the time looked on as rescue teams recovered the bodies. No passengers were involved in the accident. Those killed included a Ghanaian, a Filipino and three Indonesians.
The BBC reports that MS Thomson Majesty sails under a Maltese flag and is chartered to UK-based Thomson Cruises. The UK Foreign Office is now “urgently looking into” the incident, delaying the ship’s sailing to Funchal, Madeira.
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[photo courtesy Thomson Cruises]


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