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Cruise ship cracks during stormy voyage


Some passengers told not to use their balconies

Ventura, a 3,080-passenger cruise vessel operated by P&O Cruises, sustained a crack in the aluminium deck of the ship during a rough crossing in the Bay of Biscay. It went into port for repairs over the weekend ahead of a two-day mini-cruise. It was one of the welds immediately below the Laguna Pool deck that cracked open during the stormy voyage, leaving a gap of around 5 centimetres width-ways, according to passengers on board. The area was taped off and some passengers were told not to use their balconies.
However, a P&O spokesperson said the crack had “no structural strength or safety implications”. The Ventura launched in 2008 and is scheduled to go into dry dock for 15 days of repairs in March 2013.
[pictured: P&O Cruises’ Ventura]


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