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Cruise ship collides with vessel in Ha Long Bay


“Frantic” passengers called to muster stations after collision

Passengers aboard the Silversea’s Silver Shadow have been describing how they were sitting in the observation deck as the ship cruised through thick fog when they heard a loud fog horn dead ahead. They then saw a container ship appear and braced for a collision. The impact forced the bow upwards, smashing into the bridge of the container vessel. Silver Shadow shuddered after the crash and passengers and objects fell the ground.
Silversea said in a statement: “Silver Shadow was involved in a minor incident […] as it was approaching the pilot station in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. There was contact between Silver Shadow and a local commercial vessel. Silver Shadow incurred limited minor dents and guests’ safety was never compromised. The ship was fully operational and continued on its course to Ha Long Bay where all shore tours operated normally. Silversea will carry out a full investigation into the incident.”
However, while many passengers praised the cuise line for their professionalism after the crash, one reported to CNN that “the other ship was severely damaged, and crew hurt, and damage to our ship is being assessed in Hong Hong. Passengers were called to muster stations. Our ship has a hole in the bow.” Another passenger said, “The cargo ship rolled over and almost capsized; we hit their bridge and crushed it, and we hit the side, creating a large vertical tear. The cargo ship then scraped down the side of our ship and disappeared into the fog behind us.” He added that some passengers were “frantic”.
CNN / Huffington Post
[pictured: Silver Shadow in Sydney; courtesy Silversea]


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