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Cruise passengers get sick, fear for life


Carnival Triumph adrift near Mexico for three days

Around 4200 passengers stranded on board the Carnival Triumph following an engine-room fire are still enduring miserable conditions after three days adrift. The stricken vessel is floating about 240 kilometres off the Yucatan Peninsula. No one was injured in the fire, which disabled the ship’s propulsion system, and a backup generator has restored some power. But many passengers have dragged their mattresses onto the ship’s open deck to get away from free-flowing sewage that has flooded rooms and hallways. “Up on deck it looks like a shanty town,” one passenger said.
There are long lines for food and the smell of the sewage is overwhelming, according to passenger accounts. Sewage is “running down the walls and floors”, and passengers have been told to defecate in bags and urinate in the showers.
“The odour is so bad, people are getting sick and they’re throwing up everywhere,” Brent Nutt, whose wife is aboard the ship, said. His wife told him she fears for her life because the ship is “leaning pretty bad”.


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