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Cruise line sorry for celebrating 1940s


Stena Line promises to change questionable wording

Stena Line has promised to act and change the wording of a promotion campaign for trips from Scandinavia to Germany and Poland that describes the 1940s as a “delightful decade when lots of fun things happened”. The company received a number of complaints that highlighted the obvious – that the era is mostly associated with World War II and the Holocaust, not “lots of fun”.
For several months Stena Line has been sending out targeted mailshots to people born in the 1940s as well as the 1950s and 1960s with special birthday offers.
“Hooray, you were born in the 1940s!” the mailshot reads. “This was a delightful decade when lots of fun things happened – and then you were born in the middle of it all! Now we want to give you a really good birthday tip. Book a trip with us for yourself and your favourite travel companion – yes, why not bring the whole family with your children and grandchildren! On board you will enjoy good food, spend time together and have fun.”
Stena Line spokesperson Jesper Waltersson told Resumé magazine: “We will change all the mailshots from January 1 and we will remove the original wording. We’re redoing the whole thing. We have to listen to and take in this type of criticism.”
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