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Cruise line causes coral damage


Small cruise ship rips through prized coral reef
Noble Caledonia, a small cruise specialist, has apologised after one of its vessels ripped through a coral reef in Indonesia, damaging a dive site.
The ship, Caledonian Sky, mistakenly sailed through the pristine site off the island of Raja Ampat. The vessel was on a birdwatching trip when it veered off course and ran aground at low tide.
London-based Noble Caledonia said the incident was “unfortunate” and said it would cooperate with an investigation.
The damage was reportedly worsened when a tug was deployed to help re-float the ship, instead of waiting until the water rose. Official sources say about 1,600 square metres of coral was damaged.
Caledonian Sky was undamaged, but there has been an outcry from local dive companies that say the coral will take decades to regrow.
BBC / TTG Digital


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