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Croatia full of stars: Monte restaurant in Rovinj receives first Michelin star in Croatia


Mouth-watering wines, exquisite white truffles and top-rate olive oils – Croatia’s extraordinary Mediterranean cuisine has always convinced foodies from all over the world due to its variety of dishes and the quality of the ingredients.

Now the country’s gastronomic extravagance was made official and will surely win over even more gourmets: The prestigious Michelin guide has awarded the restaurant Monte in Rovinj with a Michelin star. It is the first restaurant in Croatia to receive this honour.  In addition, visitors have the choice between a variety of extraordinary Croatia’s restaurants that also found their way into the Michelin guide: www.viamichelin.com/web/Restaurants?geoboundaries=41.6729118,8.6132813:48.356249,23.3679199.
“We are proud for Croatian restaurants being recommended and listed in the Michelin Guide. Especially, we are happy that one of Croatia’s restaurants receives the Michelin star, a superb recognition of our gastro offer, and of our tourist offer in general. Such a recognition will be a great incentive for everyone in tourism industry, especially to restaurant owners because it is the best way for international promotion of Croatian gourmet scene. The advantage of Croatian gastro offer is availability of fresh ingredients throughout the year, which provides opportunity for creating attractive menus,” said Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli, congratulating the restaurants for the award.
“The first Michelin star and inclusion of other restaurants in Michelin Guide is a great recognition for the entire Croatian tourism sector, and there is a new dimension in the promotional aspects, both for wine and gastro tourism, and for Croatia as a whole. We are particularly excited with the first Michelin star given to the Monte restaurant, for which I congratulate to the owners and the chef.  Michelin system is a complex process: this systematic policy of monitoring is kept secret, which makes such a recognition even more valuable. All in all, this is a great opportunity for further development and achievements in the Croatian gastro scene and will be a great motivation for all chefs,” added Director of Croatian National Tourist Board Ratomir Ivicic.


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