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CPH set for busy summer


All systems are go for a busy summer at Copenhagen Airport, as more than 6.5 million passengers are expected to travel through the airport over the three summer months.

Travellers can expect a busy airport ready for the summer season, but also an airport marked by extensive refurbishment work as a result of CPH’s massive investment in expanding capacity.

 “The summer season is crunch time for Copenhagen Airport. This is when all our initiatives are put to the test and we have to ensure that travellers get off to a good start to their summer holidays,” says Passenger Manager Marie-Louise Lotz as she looks ahead to the summer of 2012.

The number of travellers has already risen during the past few weeks, and when school is out towards the end of June the holiday rush sets in in earnest. This summer, passenger numbers will be higher than ever. Copenhagen Airport expects about 18 days with more than 80,000 passengers a day travelling through the airport. The peak travel day is set to be Friday 29 June with about 88,400 passengers in all, and the total number of passengers for the months of June, July and August is expected to pass the 6.5 million mark.

“Travellers will inevitably find queues at the airport, particularly on peak days, but for the duration of the summer we have assumed responsibility for queue management from the airlines in Terminal 2. This gives us an overall perspective of the passenger flow through the terminal, which enables us to get passengers through check-in, baggage drop and security check faster than before,” says Marie-Louise Lotz.

Arrive on time – not ahead of time
The Passenger Manager has two tips that may help travellers get a stress-free start to their holidays:

“Tip no. 1 is ‘check in from home’, because this will ease your passage through the airport, and tip no. 2 is ‘arrive on time – not ahead of time’. Many believe that they are doing themselves, the airline and the airport a favour by showing up early on busy days, but all this achieves is having even more people at the airport, which does nobody any good,” explains Marie-Louise Lotz.

More information and tips for travellers is available from CPH’s brand-new travel guide at cph.dk.

Major construction work
In the summer of 2012, travellers will also be met by a number of major construction projects at Copenhagen Airport initiated earlier in the year in connection with CPH’s recently launched strategy, World Class Hub. The capacity at Copenhagen Airport’s terminals will be expanded over the coming years to make more room for passengers. As a result, passengers will find a number of construction walls in the terminals.

“Naturally, we are doing what we can to minimise the inconvenience to travellers caused by the construction work but, unfortunately, it probably cannot be avoided entirely,” says Marie-Louise Lotz.

This spring, CPH began a major expansion of Terminal 2 and the Arcade between Terminals 2 and 3 – an expansion which is projected to be completed by summer 2013. This year, passengers will therefore find that a number of ticket offices and the police shop have been moved during the construction period. CPH is also in the final stages of an expansion of Pier C, which may cause minor inconvenience to travellers on flights to overseas or non-Schengen destinations.


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