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CPH rated Europe’s most efficient – again


Copenhagen Airport gets title for eighth time in ten years

Copenhagen Airport has been rated the most efficient airport in Europe for the eighth time in ten years. The title comes from the Air Transport Research Society, a research group that analyses and evaluates efficiency at airports worldwide.
The Europe’s Most Efficient Airport award was presented to Thomas Woldbye, the airport’s chief executive, yesterday at a conference in Bergamo, Italy.
“Denmark has many more airline routes than the size of our country and population would otherwise warrant,” he said. “This is because Copenhagen Airport is an efficient hub and gateway to other world destinations for passengers from the entire Nordic region, the Baltic states, Poland, northern Germany and the northern UK. Consequently, it is essential that we continue to develop Copenhagen Airport, and that we continue to reduce our customers’ costs of operation.”
One way of reducing costs – and, theoretically at least, also increasing efficiency – is self-service. CPH was one of the first airports to bring in self-service kiosks, about a decade ago, and there are now 99 check-in kiosks at the airport. More than 50% of passengers now check in at the kiosks.
Self-service boarding-pass scanners have also been introduced before security screening and they will later be introduced at the gates as well. Copenhagen will also bring in self-service bag-drops later in the year.
Copenhagen Capacity
[pictured: Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3; photo by Ernst Tobisch/CPH]


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