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CPH launches “street view” guide app


Copenhagen Airport creates new “wayfinding tool”

Copenhagen Airport is creating a new “wayfinding tool” for mobile phones and computers that allows passengers to visualise their journeys through the airport. The free CPH Airport app will show 360-degree photo panoramas of all the passenger areas, from the metro station or the car park through to the gates.
Passengers can get an overview either at home or when they arrive. The app will then position users by means of hundreds of wi-fi access points in the terminals. Copenhagen Airport says it is the first airport in the world to offer this service.
The airport has been photographed in great detail with a special camera that takes 360-degree photos around itself. These photos are then stitched together using special software. This results in a photographic representation of the airport similar to the “street view” function of Google Maps. The airport says that the photos will be updated several times a year when changes occur, for instance to shop locations. It is being developed in four languages – Danish, Swedish, English and Chinese.
[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airports A/S]


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