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CPH is first airport to use Google Glass


Passengers get “a pleasant experience at the airport”

Copenhagen Airport says it is the first airport in the world where employees have direct passenger contact to test the effectiveness of Google Glass. The results are “quite positive”.

The much talked about wearable technology gives “excellent opportunities to provide even better customer service and give passengers a pleasant experience at the airport”, the airport maintains.

On-the-spot translation for passengers who do not speak Danish or English; fast communication among colleagues by sharing images, text or calls; and a reference database that can provide answers to questions people ask the passenger service team every day… all this can apparently be found with a couple of quick taps on the frame of the glasses or a wink of the eye.

Google Glass has a number of built-in options that Copenhagen Airport regularly needs, for example Google Translate and fast information sharing. A tailored app has been developed that communicates with the glasses.

The Google Glass test was developed in collaboration with SITA, an IT services provider specialising in solutions for the aviation industry.

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[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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