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CPH and MUC work with Amadeus on airport IT


Amadeus partners with Copenhagen and Munich airports

The travel industry technology company Amadeus has reached agreement with Copenhagen and Munich airports to work together in the development and implementation of two new airport IT solutions.
The products, called Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager and Amadeus Airport Fixed Resource Optimiser, will form part of what the technology company calls a new suite of solutions for airports.
The “optimiser” tool is being developed with CPH. It will determine the best possible fixed resource allocation against the flight schedule based on airport and airline business drivers, including passengers.
In airport planning, Amadeus says the solution “improves infrastructure utilisation through an optimised use of stands and gates, leading to reduced costs”. In airport operations, it “permits an enhanced passenger and airline experience with a speedier turnaround process, or an easier and quicker transfer, diminishing the risk of flight delays.”
In collaboration with Munich Airport, Amadeus is launching its sequence manager, a tool that optimises flight departures and “provides a common situational awareness for all participants in airport operations”.
[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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