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Corporate travel feels like leisure travel


Technology trends mean that travel is socially managed

The wall once separating corporate travel from leisure travel and employees’ personal lives is eroding, a new report says, creating a “smart”, digitized and socially managed travel space. Managed travel programs, applications and tools increasingly leverage elements that travellers are already familiar with in their personal lives, according to PhoCusWright’s “US Corporate Travel Report: Market Size and Technology Trends”. The report shows how IT consumerization has begun to influence how business travel is conducted.
For instance, not only have companies begun to purchase iPads and other tablets specifically for their employees’ business use, but they are also integrating employee-purchased tablets into the corporate network.
Susan Steinbrink, senior research and corporate market analyst at PhoCusWright: “A combination of factors – including increasingly tech-savvy travelers, new consumer-like applications and a shift to a bring-your-own-device culture – are starting to make corporate travel look and feel a lot like leisure travel.”
Yahoo! Finance
[pictured: Acer’s 4.8-inch Android smartphone]


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