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Copenhagen’s new hotel to replace interview with audition


The Danish capital’s new hotel, Bella Sky Comwell, must employ five chefs and students and has decided to hold a different kind of interview. The traditional interview is being replaced by an audition for the many applicants. It’s on Friday, March 25th from 4pm, in the Bella Centre (room 18).

Bella Sky Comwell is the newest of hotels in Copenhagen. The hotel opens its doors shortly (May 16th) and is now busy recruiting a lot of people, including five trainee chefs. 
The many candidates for the vacant apprenticeships in the kitchen will not be invited for a traditional initial interview, but will instead have the opportunity to audition to qualify for one of the five apprentices in the North’s largest hotel.
Applicants will have an afternoon and evening, where they will show a bit of what they can do already in the profession, they should hear more about the kitchen at Bella Sky Comwell, greet the leaders of the kitchen and go on a tour of their possible future workplace.
”The reason we have chosen to hold auditions is to find the students who have the right personality and power that it takes to be a student at Bella Sky Comwell. We come to expect much of our future students, but they can also expect that we will do everything to ensure that they receive the best training with us. We look forward very much to test this new way to find our students,” says the chef, Thomas Weismann.


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