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Copenhagen tour boat fined for accident


Operator Netto-Bådene fined over loss of girl’s arm
A court in Copenhagen has ordered tour boat operator Netto-Bådene to pay DKK 50,000 (€6,700) for an accident in 2014, when a 10-year-old girl’s arm was crushed.
On a tour of the city’s canals, the girl’s lower arm got wedged between the boat and a loading dock. The injury was so severe that the arm later had to be amputated.
The Eastern High Court ruled that the company had violated safety laws and upheld a lower court’s decision to order a fine.
The company had argued that the incident was a freak accident and was the only time such a thing had occurred in its 25-year history. However, the accident led to all of the city’s operators adding protective barriers to their boats.
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