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Copenhagen cocktails with a twist

The summer season is just around the corner. If you’re a foodie tourist in Copenhagen and need an innovative, refreshing cocktail you will find The Aloë Cocktailbar situated in the city center close to the main shopping street known as Strøget.
The recently opened Aloë Coctailbar is as trendy as it gets. The aesthetic-minded cocktail creators call the place ‘a funky, cozy and green cocktailbar’ and focus on constantly inventing and developing a variety of groundbreaking, visionary cocktails with an organic touch.
For instance cocktail customers may enjoy the taste of summer in Copenhagen with the latest addition to the cocktail menu. The tasteful, graceful and cinematic: ”Grace Kelly”. Or perhaps you’d like to try a healthier alternative to the otherwise calorie-rich cocktails with a bikini friendly “Low Carb Cooler”. At the other end of the scale we find the classic ”White Russian” with a twist using Coco Pops or Oreo biscuits as garnish. You might want to experiment with a ”Cricket Mule” built on cricket juice or go for the signature cocktail “Aloë There Mate” based on the Aloe Vera plant, which is swiftly becoming a very popular ingredient on the international cocktail scene.
Prices are reasonable and the surroundings aim for a ‘green’ concept with a plentitude of plants. The atmosphere is relaxed and intimate with an unmistakable make-yourself-at-home vibe.
Read all about it: <<<http://aloecocktailbar.com>>>
Aloë Coctail Bar
Knabrostræde 5
Opening Hours: 20-03 Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays


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