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Copenhagen Airport wayfinding made easier


Coordinating signage to cut queues and bottlenecks

Queues, bottlenecks, ambiguous signs and too many people in too little space. This is what many travellers have been experiencing in the check-in areas of Copenhagen Airport on busy days due to steadily rising passenger numbers. This summer alone, the airport expects to set a record by serving more than 6.6 million travellers.
But now passengers should have an easier time finding their way. New signage has been “adapted to passengers’ needs”, the airport says, and “digital and fixed signs have been coordinated”.
The Danish design and branding agency Kontrapunkt has designed the new signage, installed in connection with the refurbishment and expansion of Terminal 2. The new type of signage will make wayfinding easier, the airport promises.
Passenger flows have been spread out over larger areas, crossing flows have been minimised, and travellers have easier access to check-in kiosks. There is also an improved screen layout for digital signs.
The design agency focused on creating a strong visual and physical connection between the new digital signs and the fixed signs. The design principles from the fixed signs have been transferred to the digital signs, so that all signs at the airport look alike, with readability, animations and colours optimised.
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[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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