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Copenhagen Airport gets Europe efficiency award


Airport rated Europe’s most efficient for 10th time in 12 years
Copenhagen Airport has been rated Europe’s most efficient airport for the tenth time in the past 12 years. Continuing optimisation and efficient utilisation of capacity have paved the way for the international recognition, the airport says.
Independent aviation authority the Air Transport Research Society rates the world’s most efficient airports once a year. Copenhagen Airport again picks up the title of Europe’s most efficient airport.
“It is part of our DNA that we insist on operating an efficient airport,” said Thomas Woldbye, Copenhagen Airport’s chief executive. “The many automation and self-service solutions we have introduced in recent years, such as check-in kiosks, self-service bag drops and self-service boarding, help us achieve such a high level of efficiency, and the about 100,000 passenger interviews we conduct per year show that it helps increase passenger satisfaction.”
The airport says that specific proof of the continual focus on efficiency improvements can be found in the recently renovated Terminal 2. One of the latest initiatives in the terminal is the installation of sensors in the ceiling that register whether passengers are moving or are standing still. This helps the airport predict and prevent queuing.
The self-service bag drops reduce the time passengers spend at the counters to as little as 15 seconds, and the optimised use of check-in facilities has increased efficiency by 30%. Both of these improvements have helped cut the airport’s costs per passenger by 1.7%.
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