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Copenhagen Airport expands with even more world-class gastronomy

This autumn Copenhagen Airport expands the area in Terminal 2 just before the security checkpoint with a handful of new and exclusive eateries. In the new area, travelers are invited to enjoy a peaceful moment in the light, simplistic Scandinavian surroundings. The expansion includes, among other, the North’s first Pret A Manger as well as healthy food alternatives on the go and a mix of international and Danish gastronomy.

Denmark’s image as a culinary center has put us on the gastronomic world map and nurtured an interest from a brand new group of food enthusiastic tourists. With a unique mix of Nordic gastronomy and international taste experiences, Copenhagen Airport has accordingly established its position among the world’s best airports in terms of the selection of cafés and restaurants.

As part of a bigger expansion, Copenhagen Airport will open five new eateries in the area just before the security checkpoint, which will offer a mix of local specialties spiced with international taste experiences.
The new eateries vary from Danish to Asian food, and include special beers at Bar Jacobsens gastropub, healthy alternatives before the journey or upon homecoming at 42RAW and WOK as well as great coffee and home-baked goodies at Riccos coffee. Furthermore, the new area will house the North’s first Pret A Manger, which has been a long-standing wish among Danish and international travelers. Pret A Manger specializes in healthy, ready-to-go food options and organic coffee, and has more than 350 shops across the United States, the UK, France, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
“It is a huge accomplishment for us to be able to mark our new expansion with the first Pret A Manger in the entire North. Denmark is renowned across the world for the expertise within gastronomy and cooking, which is also why it is important for us to offer the travelers a broad selection of high quality food and beverage, and this is exactly what the five new eateries have in common,” Lise Ryevad, Director, Airport Sales at Copenhagen Airport A/S says.
The new area will be designed with respect to the characteristic Nordic architecture that characterizes the airport, and invites both travelers, visitors, and employees at the airport to take a seat in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy a healthy snack, a good cup of coffee, or a tasting meal.


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