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Consumers grow resilient to terrorism


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People are less swayed by terror fears in choosing holidays
The majority of consumers are becoming more resilient to the fear of terrorism, a new report shows, with 78% refusing to change their travel plans, up 6% from last year.
Only 9% of people surveyed in September said they had “changed their destination to a politically safe or quiet location” as a result of terrorism fears, down from 11% last year.
Just 1% had “cancelled all travel plans” due to terrorism concerns, compared with 3% in September 2016.
“Consumers are becoming more resilient,” revealed David Trunkfield, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, at a convention held by British agent association Abta.
“They are getting used to [terror attacks] and they still want to have their holiday. Terrorism hasn’t affected people’s desire to holiday.”
UK customers are also resigned to the fact that travel prices are likely to rise next year, Trunkfield added, as the pound continues to remain weak against the euro and dollar. Some 44% say they will buy the same holiday as before but expect prices to be higher.
Overall, he concluded, “The forecast is for continued growth – consumers are expecting growth, and they aren’t being cowed by terrorist activity.”


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