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Comparative choice is key to online retailing


Car booking engine CarTrawler advocates consumer choice

The modern retailer is engaging with consumers in new places where the consumer may not have gone to look in the past. But this doesn‘t mean that consumers are prepared to completely disregard their instinct to shop around – a principle that even convenience cannot overcome completely. Today’s consumer expects choice and is prepared to make the effort to find it.
CarTrawler, an international travel technology provider, powers car rental booking engines for some of Scandinavia’s largest airlines and online travel retailers. It is the company behind one of the most widely distributed car rental booking engines in the world, with more than 100 staff employed in the USA, Ireland and Spain. Bobby Healy, CTO at CarTrawler who will be at TUR stand B04:23 on March 22-25, says that choice is driving the online retail revolution.
“Online retail giants such as Amazon, Apple and Dell understand the need to reassure the customer that you have checked every possible option for them before they commit to a purchase or the customer will leave your site to shop around,” he explains. “The travel industry is no different.”
He gives the example of the Scandinavian low-cost airline Norwegian, which has embraced this principle. Besides its routes to 100 destinations, car rental was booked on its website in 2011 at over 700 destinations worldwide.
“Norwegian has enjoyed a growth in car rental sales that far exceeds its growth in passenger numbers, thanks to the effort it has made to provide choice, transparency and convenience to its customers,” Healy continues. “If you want to find passengers who have not been offered a choice by their airline, just look for the longest car rental queue when you get to the airport.”
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[pictured: Bobby Healy, CTO, CarTrawler]


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