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Coffee machine forces SAS plane to land in Greenland


Faulty coffeemaker forces Airbus A330 into emergency landing
A suspected faulty coffeemaker forced a SAS plane flying from Stockholm to Chicago to make an emergency landing in Greenland on Monday.
The Airbus A330 carrying 146 passengers and 10 crew encountered problems when a smell of smoke appeared in the cabin, which is now believed to have been caused by a coffeemaker that short-circuited.
Passenger Anneli Alanko told the newswire TT afterwards that the lights went out and passengers were told to remain seated with their seatbelts on.
“The captain told us that we should prepare for a normal landing and that we would be met by fire engines, which according to him was a routine measure. The SAS staff were incredibly professional and thanks to them the passengers remained calm.”
The landing was “normal and undramatic”, a SAS spokesperson said, and the plane departed for Chicago the next day after everyone on board stayed at a hotel overnight.
TT / The Local


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