Home News CNN calls Bjørnøya dangerous destination

CNN calls Bjørnøya dangerous destination


World’s “most dangerous and remote islands”

CNN has die-hard independent adventure travel enthusiasts in mind as it names “the world’s remotest islands”. Located around 650 kilometres off Europe’s north coast, Bjørnøya – better known as Bear Island – is the southernmost island in the Svalbard archipelago. “It’s been a nature reserve since 2002 and has a lively history of failed occupation – hard to believe for a place of barren cliffs, near-zero precipitation and risk of leaks of radioactive material from the nearby wreck of a nuclear submarine,” CNN writes. Reaching Svalbard is relatively easy, but to get to Bear Island you have to hitch a ride in a research vessel, an individually chartered boat or the occasional adventure cruise.
CNN details how to reach each of the other remote islands on the list, which include Tristan da Cunha, alone in the South Atlantic; Bouvet, 1600 kilometres from Antarctica and surrounded by pack ice in winter; Bishop Rock, the world’s smallest island with a building on it; Boreray in the Scottish islands, abandoned when crops failed in the 1930s but inhabited in prehistoric times; North Sentinel Island, 650 kilometres from Myanmar; and Rockall, the tip of an extinct volcano 430 kilometres from Ireland.
[photo by Michael Haferkamp]


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