Home News Clients value travel agents over OTAs

Clients value travel agents over OTAs


OTAs cut out prized element of personalised service

Business and leisure tourists continue to value traditional travel sellers over online travel agencies, according to a new study. More than 2,000 travellers were surveyed for Travel 2020: The Distribution Dilemma, commissioned by the IBM Institute for Business Value. Only 47% thought they were getting fair value if they booked travel through an OTA. Especially prized is the kind of personalised service traditional agents can give – the kind of service which OTAs have cut out while automating sales.
“In aggregate, 93% of respondents to our survey indicated that getting value for their travel expenditures is important to them,” says Steve Peterson, the survey’s lead author. “The notion of value has a relationship to price, but the two concepts are distinct.”


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