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Classic boutique Hotel Rendezvous in Kuala Lumpur city


A rhetorical ethnic fusion…the three magic words that described the aura and fascination you experienced once you started entering Anggun KL, before you were left there stunned for the next few hours once you were walking across the lobby and into the courtyard.

Once you were walking into the lobby, you will be continually amazed with the whole atmosphere that soon will create a welcoming feeling to the guests that been there in the very first time. Warm color coating the walls of the lobby triggered a rural scenery inside. The lobby was decorated to its finest with antique wardrobes lining the walls, Anggun’s well-known logo displaying proudly accompanied by decorative fusion cards hanging by each side of the wall.

The lobby was equipped with a bookcases for tourists attraction, as many had known for years, people from other side of the countries are mostly book lovers. So various books from various genres awaits there for tourists who took turn waiting will be able to fill their time with reading. The wardrobes are filled with antique collections; ancient potteries, instruments, accessories and many exciting things. Guests are also entertained with the current newspapers and magazines on the coffee table nearby.

From the outside, you can witness the amazing structure of the front gate, some similarities with the ancient Chinese gates that you always see in some legendary movies. Once you entered the gate, you will get mesmerized by the cheerful and cooling garden. The garden in the front yard is decorated to its glory, guests will be greeted by the fusion plants along their way in the garden with low breeze slowly stroking their faces.

The front yard also equipped with cute resting places completed with shelters. Guests can admired the beauty of the kampung environment and feel like living in a small town. Next to the resting places, a cooling landscape that will dazzle you for a moment, creating a truly peaceful moment that you might treasure it a lot. This will definitely become a perfect tourists’ place for relaxation and shelter.

Entering the courtyard before you reach the elevator, you might noticed beautiful period lanterns hanging up there greeting the guests coming in. In the night, it provided a simply soft lighting to the courtyard making the surrounding even more epic. Walking under the roof, you will be bathed with natural light and the scenery quickly reminded you of the golden era when you come across all the classical furniture that are decorated along the way.

Noticed the old piano table, and in the center of the courtyard, a beautiful garden landscape that quickly bring out the mood of contemporary Asian fusion with classic fountain in the middle of it complimenting the whole scene. These views will always continue to catch your breath away. Besides these breathtaking views, you really can’t missed the old fan hanging just by the side of the ceiling which will create a captivating “picture perfect” moment.

Once you are inside the Classic Suites, one thing in particular will cross your mind, romantic getaway. The room was decorated to its perfection, with soft lighting and romantic atmosphere. A mind blowing unique design decorating the room with such extravagant. The whole room triggered the enlightening romantic mood for newlywed couple to spend the entire night together and bring out all the best memories. Taking tours to the exotic bathroom, with royal touch and absolute luxury, guests will be amazed with the whole setting of the bathroom, like a welcoming feeling filled with soothing atmosphere.

While for big family or family vacation, try the huge Family Suites room with more friendly approach. The room was built to its finest with antique contemporary settings to match with urban hip lifestyle. The room is located for a roadside view and there are two beds for family comforts. A curtain to block the sunlight from coming in straight also available here and you will find nowhere as perfect as this place. You also be given a luxurious bathroom with capacity ideal for big family and complete with furnished rack. There also a big wardrobe for the family clothes and robes.

The major turn-on for these rooms are, they were all kept under full attention by the housekeepers working there. And you can expect a full housekeeping service at your doorstep every morning when you go out for breakfast. Outside the room, guests and sit down and relax with the provided antique chair for resting purpose and accompanied by the sheltering plants, you will continually at awe all the time you were here.

The Restolounge

Once you pushed your elevator up to the 4th floor, you are truly embarking on a journey of a lifetime with a purely astonishing dining experience. In your mind, you might expected a usual cafeteria which you commonly visited while staying at most of the hotels. But all you had expected will go evaporated in the air when walk into the Bubu Rooftop Restolounge. Antique dining compliments the contemporary fusion setting of the restaurant.

With open rooftop, you are dining with natural breeze blowing slowly to your face and you will be able to capture the feeling of traditional malays dining…in an open air. Ancient bubu hung proudly on the ceiling, creating a truly peasant mood of a villagers style mixed with urban lifestyle. There is no other place that will give you the experience of a garden dining in the middle of the city.

The most exciting views that you may get from the rooftop while enjoying variety of delicacies are the trees that stood tall next to the hotel. You might be getting a soft shelter from the sunlight with low breeze blowing, the scene somehow look appealing enough to many guests that had been here before. While you were there, take your time to enjoy these distinctive selection of cuisine ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, Western and Indian. If you ever think of having private parties or any celebration, here was the right choice of all place. Ignite your senses with the delicious selection of cuisine while having fun like your dining outdoors. Make it loud and happening as Bubu will strive to be the best place for fun and flavor to all the guests that come dining in.

The most attractive thing while being here was, wifi everywhere!There’s no need to find a particular place where you can surf the net, Anggun provided a sophisticated high tech connection abilities that enable you to be connected anywhere around here. Talk about an urban lifestyle in a fusion village. Looking down from the rooftop restaurant is another thrilling yet welcoming sense of freedom. Facing the road, you can have a truly perfect view of the city and its surrounding without missing even an inch. A pure relaxation and tress relieved dining with your friends or family, isn’t it too much to ask for?

If you ever come across Anggun KL, your visit will never be completed without stopping by at the Bubu Restolounge because that’s where the real fun and flavor expedition begin..because great taste last forever….


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