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“Choose your room” at Thomas Cook


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Customers can select a room before leaving home
Leisure travellers will now be able to choose their room before they even leave home. Thomas Cook has started a service that allows its customers to view the floor plans and rooms at their hotel.
For a €30 fee per booking, they can then select a specific room in their category from the ones that are available.
Customers will receive an invitation to use the service six days before their departure.
The new scheme is available in just 50 hotels for now, but across all six of the tour operator’s own brands and in destinations including the Canary Islands, Majorca, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.
Cook says the service will be available for 300 hotels by summer 2018.
It says that research shows 87% of customers want to use such a service. A trial in a small number of hotels resulted in a 20% conversion rate.


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