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Chinese tourists warm to local customs, extreme sports


Young people in China get more adventurous with other cultures
Like millennials in other countries, young people in China are becoming more adventurous, embracing local culture and deepening their understanding of destinations when they travel, a new survey says.
In total, 16% of Chinese holidaymakers are keen to attempt extreme sports, but the figure rises to 25% for men aged 20 to 24, the London-based market research company Mintel reveals.
Of the 28% of China’s urban consumers who travelled overseas last year, 74% of them expressed interest in sampling local food and 52% were keen to experience local traditions.
Additionally, 45% are interested in staying in local accommodation and 23% want to learn local cooking methods.
Chinese consumers view overseas travel as a means to escape from the daily grind, said Linda Li, China senior research analyst at Mintel. Pursuing extreme sports such as bungee jumping and skydiving makes their holidays more memorable and is considered a huge distraction from their normal lives.
The survey reveals that, for example, Australia and New Zealand have developed rapidly as outdoor and extreme sports havens for Chinese travellers in the last two years.
Differences in perceptions also exist between young male and female holidaymakers, with men preferring cultural immersion and women shopping for local goods.
Meanwhile, 47% of respondents listed the availability of Chinese or local payment methods as a concern, followed by 36% who cite Internet access as important; 34% say the availability of Mandarin-speaking guides is crucial, while 30% would like to see Mandarin signage in public areas.
The survey also notes that married consumers are more willing to spend on overseas travel, with 33% of them having embarked on overseas travel compared with just 14% of singles.
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