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Chinese airlines offer pilots huge salaries


100 pilots a week needed for the next 20 years
Chinese airlines are desperate for pilots. They need to hire almost 100 pilots a week for the next 20 years to meet travel demand, and due to a shortfall of candidates at home they are offering lucrative pay packages to foreign pilots.
Air traffic in China is forecast to quadruple over the coming two decades. Airlines barely known abroad are paying 50% more than some senior captains earn at major US carriers. Pilots from countries like Brazil and Russia could earn four times their salaries in China.
Bloomberg quotes one 32-year-old former United Airlines pilot who says he’s being sent offers every week to fly Airbus A320s in China – for example $318,000 (€281,000) a year to work for regional carrier Qingdao Airlines and $302,000 to fly for Sichuan Airlines. Both say they will also cover his income tax bill in China.
The downside, however, is government bureaucracy – documentation, work permits, immigration, medicals. It can take up to two years from application to actually starting to fly in China.


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