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China to open atomic site to tourists


Former base in Xinjiang region to be “red tourism site”

Officials in China are planning to invest almost a million dollars in their latest tourist attraction – the base where the country’s first atomic bomb was developed. Around 6 million yuan ($930,000) will be spent on the former base in Malan, in the northwest Xinjiang region. The base will become a “red tourism site” – in other words, specially selected by the Communist Party to celebrate important events in the nation’s history. The laboratories and dormitories the scientists used and a 300-metre anti-strike tunnel will be open to visitors.
China tested its first atomic bomb in October 1964. More than 40 nuclear tests were then carried out until the nuclear weapons program was suspended in 1996.
Daily Telegraph
[pictured: Satellite picture of the Basin of the former sea of Lop Nur, where the site is located; courtesy NASA]


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