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China Southern sponsored Chinese relics from Guangzhou to LA


On 19th September, a group of valuable cultural relics which is going to be served as exhibition were shipped from Guangzhou to Los Angeles on CZ327, sponsored by China Southern Airlines.  With total value of $27 million, the relics contain 128 suits, including the Bronze Masks Suit, one of the Six National Treasures in Sanxingdui Ruin Site.

They are the earliest Bronze Mask that fount in Era and the largest of appearance in the world, including the Bronze Mask with projecting eyes and the Bronze Masks with golden cover, as well as the Bronze Mask with Homo erectus picture. After landing on LA, the group will be exhibited in BOWER Museum and Houston Museum of Natural Science, on the subject of Ancestors and Foreigner: The Mystery of Ancient China.

In early September, China southern airlines set up a special working group immediately after receiving the transport mission to coordinate the transportation. The total weight of whole 128 suits is more than 2 tons, which has been loaded in 13 cuboid wooden cases. To protect the shipment that the length of the cases mostly are more than 1 meter, the operation department decided to take the forklift in transportation to take the place of manual handling. At the same time, in order to reduce the waggle of the cases during the X-ray machine, the operator put some plastic flat racks under the wooden cases. The groups were put in the valuables warehouse and supervised by the experienced manager, under 24-hour video surveillance. In particular, the Cargo Department of China Southern Airlines prepared special permit for customer, so that they could have a full understanding of the process of loading and transportation.

China Southern Airlines has much experience on the Transportation Security performance of Particular cargo. In recent years, CZ has successfully shipped various high-value cargos with safe and secure condition, such as CHANEL EXHIBITION that worth billion dollars, F1 racing car which worth twenty million dollars, Precious instruments of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Quarter Horse and Panda, Koala, etc.


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