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China’s rapid rise in bad passenger behaviour


Police detain 25 passengers who open plane exits

Passengers panicked on board a plane heavily delayed by snow and ice in China, with many trying to open the emergency exit doors before take-off. This forced the plane to eventually return to the airport terminal in Kunming, where Chinese police detained 25 of the angriest passengers.

The passengers on the China Eastern flight to Beijing had to wait more than five hours in their seats as Friday evening turned into early Saturday morning. Demanding they be allowed off the plane for health reasons, some passengers “opened three emergency doors in an attempt to stop the flight”.

Two passengers were sentenced to 15 days in detention for violating public order. Others were detained for questioning.

However, it appears the passengers may have been provoked. They said that the plane’s vice-captain could not control himself after he “swore and cursed”.

As many more people in China take to the skies, aircraft face increasing delays. Recent incidents of bad behaviour have included a passenger throwing hot water at a cabin attendant, another threatening to blow up a plane over a seating arguement, fights on board, and passengers stuck at an airport running riot and damaging computer equipment.

AFP / Xinhua


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