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Cheaper flights to and from the Faroe Islands


Atlantic Airways is “coming home” with new strategy



There will be cheaper fares between the Faroe Islands and Denmark in future, the airline Atlantic Airways says. A key part of the carrier’s new strategy is also the establishment of a frequent and stable network between the Faroe Islands, Norway, Iceland and the UK.

Passengers who buy tickets in good time will now be able to fly cheaper between the Faroe Islands and Denmark all year for DKK 799 (€107) each way.

There will be 20 cheap seats available in the vast majority of flights between Vágar Airport and Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg, corresponding to 35,000 cheap seats a year. It is a condition that the tickets are purchased within 60 days of departure and they cannot be changed or refunded.

A new fare structure is also being introduced that contains two ticket types: EARLY and ALWAYS, both of which are more flexible than the “799” ticket.

Atlantic Airways says its new strategy is to gradually reduce the complexity of the company, so that it concentrates on developing a stable regional network in the Nordic region with the Faroe Islands as the focal point. International ambitions with extra flights and charter trips outside the Faroes have stopped and the slogan “Atlantic Airways coming home” expresses the new strategy. One consequence of this shift will be that the carrier’s Airbus fleet will reduce from three to two from the start of 2015.

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[photo courtesy Atlantic Airways]


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