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Chat up a passenger via inflight system


“Send an in-flight cocktail to that friendly stranger”



Virgin America may have the world’s most feature-rich in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) platform, Airline Trends writes. Known as Red, it has high-definition touch screens on the back of each seatback with live satellite television, 3D game options, the first-ever seatback digital shopping platform, interactive Google Maps and other features. Passengers can even chat with other passengers using the system.
The most recent feature to be added to the Virgin America system is “seat-to-seat” delivery, where passengers can use a digital seat map on their screens to send a cocktail, snack or meal to a fellow traveller.
Virgin encourages passengers to “send an in-flight cocktail to that friendly stranger in seat 4A – and then follow up with a text message using the seat-to-seat chat function also on Red.” The feature comes with a video called “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky at 35,000 Feet”.
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[photo courtesy Virgin Atlantic]


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