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Change in SAS group management and organization


Joakim Landholm, Executive Vice President Transformation, is to leave SAS in August 2015. Joakim Landholm has decided to leave in association with the imminent dissolution of the Transformation Department he has successfully headed. The department will be integrated into the regular line organization.

“Joakim Landholm has been key to the comprehensive transformation SAS has undergone in recent years to become a more modern, adaptable and competitive airline. I would like to extend a warm thank you to Joakim for the enormous efforts he has made and for what he has achieved for SAS,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS.

Joakim Landholm joined SAS in January 2012 when he was appointed Executive Vice President Commercial.

In association with the escalation of measures to create a more competitive SAS in summer 2014, Joakim Landholm was tasked as Executive Vice President Transformation with creating and managing a department solely focused on improving efficiency and structural changes.

Following 12 months very intensive work, the Transformation Department can now be dissolved. The structural changes this will entail will be announced after standard union information.

Joakim Landholm will remain in his position at SAS until 31 August 2015.


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