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‘CEO fraud’ robs Danish gallery


Art museum scammed for over DKK 800,000
The National Gallery of Denmark has been defrauded by criminals pretending to be its chief executive, with DKK 805,000 (€108,000) disappearing from the museum.
The criminals sent fake emails from the address of the gallery’s director, Mikkel Bogh, asking for the urgent transfer of funds to a bank account in the UK. Employees dutifully carried out the request.
A number of further requests resulted in a total of 805,000 kroner being transferred to several overseas accounts by the time the winter break had ended.
A report by the National Cyber Crime Centre describes this type of scam as CEO fraud. It has cost Danish companies around DKK 200 million since 2015. The centre urges that all employees everywhere should be aware of the risks of the scam. Bosses, meanwhile, should avoid sharing information about holidays and business trips, for example on social media.
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