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Celebrate Napoleon’s birthday on the sunshine island of Corsica


The Fêtes Napoléoniennes involves a grand parade, along with historical pageants celebrating the life and works of Corsica’s most famous native son.

Anyone who appreciates period costuming will recognise the attention paid to authenticity and detail in these pageants. The event closes with a firework display intended to remind visitors of Napoleon’s many military triumphs in the field before his final exile to the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic.

Napoleon was born in Ajaccio; only a short time after the island of Corsica became a French possession, having previously been an independent republic. He spent his entire childhood here, leaving only when he was offered a place at the prestigious government military school in Paris. There, Napoleon’s non-Parisian roots were evident; he spoke French with a Corsican accent and was regarded as an outsider. This may have been what propelled him to prove himself; a feat he accomplished by any standard of achievement.

Napoleon rose through the ranks, attaining the status of brigadier general at the age of 24. He engineered a coup d’etat against the French government, known as the Directory, in 1799 and proceeded to rule the country until 1815, serving as emperor from 1804 onward. Napoleon is famous throughout the world for his contributions to law and order, known as the Napoleonic Code. He was also a military genius who established an empire in Europe that stretched from the English Channel, all the way to the borders of Russia.

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