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Intense demand for wi-fi internet systems on planes

Tech firm aims to double rate of aircraft wi-fi installations Tech companies installing wi-fi internet systems on aircraft say they are struggling to keep up...
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Japanese go crazy for Finnish horoscope app

App tells users what their Finnish horoscope is
SAS, Google Street View, long-haul cabin

Explore new SAS cabin using Google Street View

First airline in Europe to offer virtual tour of long-haul aircraft
Lufthansa, hacker, frequent flyer

Hackers again steal frequent flyers’ miles

Lufthansa says frequent flyer accounts were hacked
WhatsApp, Air France-KLM

First airline to use WhatsApp for customer care

Air France-KLM subsidiary Transavia sees app’s potential
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Doing more so business fliers stay healthy

Agents have to ensure health and well-being of business travellers
luxury hotel online bookings, startup

Danish hotel booking startup has big ambitions aims to change the hotel-booking market
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84% of us eavesdrop on personal conversations

Almost all of us listen to mobile conversations on public transport
Expedia, competition,, Accelerator, OTA

Expedia to buy Orbitz for $1.33 billion

Online travel giant continues spending spree
travel agent, internet

Are travel agents making a comeback?

Only a professional guide can make sense of all the data