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Should travel agents still value brochures?

“We will not forget the brochure,” tour operator says
Paris, France, terrorism

Swedes still love sending holiday postcards

Postcards are more personal than sending beach snaps
Travelport, GDS, Nordic, Smartpoint, SAS, travel agent,

Travelport looks for Nordic travel-tech start-up

Start-up to take part in incubation program announced in June
mobile, online sales, travel bookings, smartphone

Study: 42% of travellers use smartphones to plan or book

TripAdvisor says Thailand and China are world’s most connected travellers
selfie sticks, Disney, ban

Disney bans selfie sticks from its theme parks

Theme parks join attractions where selfie sticks are banned, golf, Denmark

Website eases Swedish golfers into Denmark experiences big swing of success
Amadeus, travel technology, UNWTO, multimodality

UNWTO, Amadeus join forces for travel technology

Innovative technology to improve in education and multimodality
Amadeus, cloud, GDS

Amadeus creates its own cloud-based platform

GDS aims to meet demands of increasing data transactions
online bookings, mobile, same-day bookings

How airlines will use IT to improve travel experience

Global carriers to enhance passengers’ trips with technology
Marriott, TripAdvisor, Instant Booking

One more hotel giant in TripAdvisor booking deal

Now you can book more rooms without leaving TripAdvisor