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TAP, Portugal, privatization

TAP sale to go ahead despite costly strike

Strike at flag carrier cost €35mn in lost revenues, expenses
SAS, strike, Norway, union, Parat, labour, work, NHO, Lippestad, negotiation, cancel, called off, deal, agreement

SAS’s Swedish pilots say they will strike

Talks fail between SAS and Swedish pilots’ union
Air Canada, San francisco, crash, accident, incident, near-miss, taxiway, runway, land, pilots, images

Air Canada to expand service to Copenhagen

Air Canada to boost flights between Copenhagen and Toronto
Germanwings crash, Andreas Lubitz

Germanwings pilot rehearsed crash on outbound flight

Experts investigating crash say pilot rehearsed fatal descent
Lufthansa, cabin crew, strike

Lufthansa narrows loss but remains cautious

Further action is needed to lower costs, Lufthansa says
Emirates, subsidies

Emirates promises “sledgehammer” response against report

Emirates reacts angrily to allegations it got more than $40 billion in subsidies
Hazardous cargo, lithium batteries, air safety

ICAO seeks safer transport of lithium batteries

Group of experts to look into safe, fire-resistant packaging
TAP, Portugal, pilot strike

Strikes hit travel and tourism in Portugal

Almost 1,000 pilots at Portuguese carrier TAP walk out
SkyTeam, Air France KLM, Delta, Alitalia

Air France, Delta, Alitalia near transatlantic tie-up

EU may soon approve agreement between three airlines
Oslo Airport, Norwegian, pets onboard

Woman tries to board plane after dumping cat

Norwegian staff alert police following suspicious behaviour