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Economy air travel booms in Europe

Acceleration in within-Europe market, IATA says
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Lufthansa plane and drone in near-miss

Collision narrowly avoided near Warsaw on Monday
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Airbus plans upgraded A380

Airports “unimaginable” without the A380
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EU wants pilot screening after Germanwings crash

All airline pilots should undergo psychological screening
Ciudad Real, Madrid, ghost airport

Investors buy Spain’s “ghost airport” for cheap

Spain's Ciudad Real airport sold for only €10,000
Air Malta, Sky Spa, inflight massage

Airline launches free on-board spa experience

Complimentary treatments include hand, feet, neck massages
MH17, Russia, Ukraine

MH17 one year on: Families want justice

Almost 300 people were killed on flight MH17
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Norwegian: Long-haul starting to pay off

Norwegian swings back to operating profit in Q2
ERA, Air Greenland

Air Greenland becomes new member of ERA

Regional airline body accepts 52nd new member
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Munich Airport wins key battle for third runway

Federal court rejects final appeals against runway three