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Authority recommends remote control of planes

But such technology is unlikely to be developed any time soon
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Business travel trends forecast for 2015-16

Modest economic growth and shifts in supply and demand expected
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Passengers can hack into flight controls: report

Flight controls could be reached via wireless entertainment system
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Emirates to deploy record-breaker to Copenhagen

A380 to start flying in December will have as many as 615 seats
Alaska Airlines, cargo hold, baggage handler

Emergency landing as worker is trapped in cargo hold

Plane returns to Seattle after banging and pleas are heard
Norwegian, strike

Norwegian to keep to independent strategy

Airline counts heavy cost of pilot strike and moves on
Finnair, A350, Heathrow

Finnair to fly first A350 to London Heathrow

Finnair A350 crew training flight to take place soon
Faroe, eclipse, Vagar

Faroes airport confirms eclipse magic factor

Continued success for Vagar Airport this year
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Airlines quickly introduce new cockpit rules after tragedy

Norwegian and other carriers bring in two-person cockpit rules
Germanwings accident, pilots, cockpit

One pilot locked out: Germanwings crash theories intensify

Could one of the pilots have become incapacitated, the other locked out?