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Car crashing: low-cost stays in New York


Sleep in the back of a car with great views of Manhattan
New York is notoriously expensive to stay in. It’s hard to find a hotel for under $200 a night. But now, from €32 you can stay overnight with a great view of Manhattan – if you don’t mind sleeping in the back of a car.
There’s a number of adapted vans and even a traditional yellow New York taxi, now available to rent through Airbnb. There’s no electricity or running water and not much space, but they have been booked solid and get rave reviews. They are owned by Jonathan Powley, stand-up comedian and former hotel concierge.
Parked in Queens’ gentrified Long Island City, the five vehicles include vans with views of the Empire State Building, the retired cab with backseats changed to “swanky” fittings, and a classy four-person campervan (€109).
All are stationary and have mattresses, fans, blankets, blinds and lights. Public toilets and a YMCA for free showers are close by. But safety is an issue for some guests.
“The best part for me was being just 15 minutes from Manhattan,” says recent guest Alex Amato. “We’d absolutely recommend it. The van was no Ritz but honestly, we only used it to sleep in. The point is to experience New York, not stay in your ‘room’.”
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